Angela Hilton is an artist based in Tavistock, Devon


Hilton’s practice is motivated by the “stuff” of life: personal, overlooked, discarded materials.  She uses the ritual collection and processing of these materials to reflect on and document both the passing of time, and the materials’ associated personal narratives.  In this body of work she considers the continuum between object oriented ontology (the idea that objects exist independently of human perception) and the more anthropocentric privileging of human narrative associated with her own discarded materials. 

Intrigued by anamnesis: the importance of the old, what has made us who we are, of remembrance, the collection and recollection of what might be lost, effaced or forgotten, she seeks to discover the inherent ‘magic’ or narrative within specific personal, discarded, materials.  She explores the possibilities of alchemy and chance in her materials’ transformation to a new form; a form which still retains the essence of what they once were, but which has become something other, possibly exceeding every relation into which they might enter.






Plymouth College of Art​​ BA (Hons) Fine Art (July 2017)
University of the West of England, Bristol (1996) ​​MA Women’s Studies
University of Wales, Cardiff (1983)​ BA (Hons) French and English (2.1)​


2017 ​Summer Show 2017.  Regent Building, Plymouth
2016 ​Mistaken Identities. Group show, TAAG Gallery 2, Teignmouth
2016​ Nothing Bad Will Happen.  Group Show, Plymouth ArtWeekender
2014 ​Control. Group Show 22 George Place, Plymouth
2012​ Boum!  Studio 11, Regent St, Plymouth


Creative professional experience:
2015 – date​ Coordinator, KARST , 22 George Place, Plymouth



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